Our Story

It all began with a single hair fall. In 2021 I gave birth to my daughter Ivana, the joy of our life. My husband and I were enjoying every bit of the Journey. It was only two weeks after Ivana was born, I noticed that I was having a significant hair fall. I never had any hair fall problems before. I tried many cosmetics products advertised as 100 % effective, but I only got disappointment. I told my husband about my hair fall problem as this situation affected the moment, which we should be enjoying the most. My husband is a scientist and has worked in the cosmetic industry for over a decade. He said he would find an effective solution to this problem. He prepared a hair serum that worked like magic. The serum stopped the hair fall in a short period, and I also observed the hair regrowth. I thought this serum could help many people who face the same problem daily and get disappointed.

That’s where IVACHI came into existence. Ivachi is a premium cosmetics brand that develops research-based innovative cosmetics products.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted brand for high-quality cosmetic products.

Our Mission

To provide research-based innovative cosmetics products for customers’ unmet needs.

Value Statement

We believe in customer satisfaction.